How Can We Save Water? Let’s Start It From Our Home


“Water, water, everywhere, Nor any drop to drink.”

We all know that our planet’s 3/4 part is covered in water, but most of there is salty water. Fresh and clean water is a limited resource. If we are not aware of saving water from now on, the future generation will face the crisis in drinking water.In this modern time we are conscious about water saving . If we want to save water, then we could start from our domestic needs.

The average household consumes approximately 240lt. of water per person per day. That means that in a household with four people in it, 960lt of water is used every day which equates to 350,400lt per year! Would you believe that only 3% of your total water consumed is used for drinking and cooking? The rest is used for the garden (35%), toilet flushing (29%), bathing/ showering (20%) and for laundry (13%). If we are more concern about using household, we are able to save water as much as we can.

Even a few small changes can add up to hundreds of gallons in water savings each year! Let us enlighten you some simple ways in which we can save water in our home…..

1) Turn off the tap while brushing instead of letting the water run, and save more than 200 litres of water every month.

2) Install Water-Saving Showerheads, Shower Timers that prevent the high flow of water. Use an adequate amount of water while taking bath.

3) Choose an energy efficient appliances. Upgrade your washing machine or dishwasher, that saves water less than your older appliances do.

4) Flush with less. Older toilets use a lot of water. You can reduce your usage by sinking a half gallon jug of water in the toilet tank.

5) Install a rain barrel. Rainwater harvesting is a great way to keep your plants hydrated and grown.

6) Reuse the Water to wash the vegetables. You can use it for gardening.

7) Fix the pipeline leaks. Fixing leak can mean big water savings.

8) Install water tank overflow resistant device. It can help you to conserve large amount of water. Thinking about this, we have brought water tank overflow resistance products for you. The Automatic Water Pump Controller, Water Tank Overflow Alarm, Water Level Indicator help to save water.

Some of these ways of water conservation can save lives of many people who can’t even get DRINKING WATER. Whenever you waste water, just think about those millions of people who still struggle to get a drop of water for their survival.

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