July 20, 2018    Microgia Solutions   

Home Automation Systems: Smart Home For Peaceful Life

Our home is more than just a place to live. It represents a place for every mood and any occasion, the things we value most. Now a days we are too busy to relax at home. So when we get time to relax, then we become lazy to do anything instead of relaxing. With Home […]


July 14, 2018    Microgia Solutions   

Save Energy Today To Lighting The Tomorrow

Energy demand is increasing at a fast rate all around the world and if not controlled it would lead to energy shortage. Even today, many countries are facing energy shortage problems. To minimize the use of energy we need to educate people to use energy only when needed. We can minimize energy usage by taking […]


July 12, 2018    Microgia Solutions   

How Can We Save Water? Let’s Start It From Our Home

“Water, water, everywhere, Nor any drop to drink.” We all know that our planet’s 3/4 part is covered in water, but most of there is salty water. Fresh and clean water is a limited resource. If we are not aware of saving water from now on, the future generation will face the crisis in drinking […]