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Microgia Solutions

Microgia was founded in 2017 in Naihati, West Bengal. From the beginning, we are trying to reach you with our successful products,till now we have successfully reached across one hundred fifty people and install our Products.

Microgia is popular for making low cost,water and electricity saving products.Our popular products are Automatic Pump Controller, Water Tank Overflow alarm and Water Level Indicator.We are providing custom product development to fulfill your needs. We also solve your electrical problem as well.

We are selling our own products so there has no chance to duplicity. We are taking full responsibility to bring your product safely at your home and without any extra charge we are installing it. We will always be buy school papers present in your service. For any product related query you can easily contact with us over phone or email. We will be happy to serve you. Our product is useful for both home and professional space.

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RBC Rd, Naihati, West Bengal 743165