Automatic water pump controller

Automatic water pump controller

Are you getting irritated to check regularly the water level of your tank? Now you can automatically control it with our microcontroller based automatic water pump controller.

Advantages Of Automatic Pump Controller:

  1. The controller automatically start the pump, before reaching the low water level of the tank.
  2. The Controller can automatically turn off your pump, before overflow your water tank.
  3. The Controller never starts the pump when the reservoir is empty.
  4. There has no probability of dryrun that burn your pump when the reservoir is empty.
  5. You can save your money, water and electricity, automatic pump controller prevents wastage of water and electricity.
  6. There has less probability of damaging your pump,through automatic on-off system.
  7. Manual switch is provided. You can easily change the mode (Auto/Manual) of the controller.
  8. This auto-switching feature saves manpower/ your valuable time.
  9. The controller is suitable for 1 phase motor and also 3 phase motor.
  10. You can easily find the problem if any to see the controller indicators. Those are-
  • Reservoir sensor fault
  • Overhead tank sensor fault
  • Reservoir empty
  • Pump on
  • Power On/Off

Automatic Pump Controller made for:

  1. Domestic
  2. Bunglows
  3. Multi – Storied Appartment
  4. Complex
  5. Hospital
  6. Factories
  7. Hotels & Restaurants
  8. Commercial Centers all places with Water Tank

Technical Specification:

  • Supply Voltage – 230 V AC, 50Hz.
  • Internal Voltage – 5V DC
  • Output – 3 potential free relay contact
  • Contact rating – 25+25 Amp, Tow relay for pump On. and 10 Amp, relay pump Off.
  • Compatible with – 0.1 H.P. to 14 H.P. Single or three phase motor.
  • Power Consumption –  1.1 Watt.
  • Monthly Consumption – 1 Unit.
  • Temperature : -10 to +90 degree Celsius.
  • Weight– 910gm.
  • Material – Stainless Steel.
  • Color – Black.
  • Dimension – 140mm * 95mm * 45mm.

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